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  • NUK Fieber-Thermometer
  • NUK Fieber-Thermometer
  • NUK Fieber-Thermometer

NUK Baby Thermometer 2in1

  • 2 ways to measure: takes temperature in the ear or against the temple
  • innovative, extra-small measuring tip gives precise result in a few seconds
  • LCD display shows results
  • LED light indicates normal or high temperature with green or red light
  • Versatile use as can also measure temperature of room, baby food or bath water
  • 0 m+

NUK Baby Thermometer 2in1, extra-small measuring tip with infra-red transmitter, body temperature measured in the ear or against the temple, versatile use

Body temperature is an important indicator of your baby’s health. So it is very important for parents to be able to measure their child’s temperature both precisely and conveniently. With the NUK Baby Thermometer 2in1 you can do that simply and in a particularly gentle way!

Precise result from 2 different methods
The NUK Thermometer 2in1 has an innovative, extra-small measuring tip with an infra-red transmitter. This lets your child’s body temperature be measured in the ear within a second. Alternatively, parents can gently rub the sensor over the temple and in about 5 seconds achieve a result that is just as precise.

 NUK Baby Thermometer Messung

Gentle to baby, uncomplicated for parents
Taking your baby’s temperature is especially gentle thanks to the extra-small measuring tip. Particularly practical: if the temperature is running high then the LED light in the tip shines red – a green light gives the all-clear when the temperature is normal.

Memory function
Tracing the temperature’s progress over a longer time period is no problem with the memory function.

Versatile use
The NUK Baby Thermometer can also be used to measure the surface temperature of baby food or bath water. The LCD display also tells you the temperature of your baby’s room.

The NUK Baby Thermometer comes with a practical stand as well as a lithium battery (CR 2032, 3 Volt) so that it can be used immediately.

The NUK Baby Thermometer 2in1: the gentle and uncomplicated way to take a temperature.